What services do you provide?  $175 no-fuss headshots for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), company websites, conferences, and other purposes in the DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area.  See below for small business pricing. You can book a session by clicking here.

You will actually come to my place to do this?  Yes.  Almost anywhere inside the Beltway, but I may be willing to travel farther for an additional cost. I am also now available in Woodbridge and Prince William County (for no additional cost). For individuals, I'm available Mon-Fri after 7 pm, and all day Sat-Sun.  If you're a small business, I can make arrangements to come during business hours.  There's no central studio location.      

How are the photo sessions only 175 bucks?  I use a streamlined lighting technique with a white background (see homepage and testimonials for examples).  This minimizes the setup and breakdown time, and allows me to capture your best expression.  The $175 includes 2 retouched photos.  If you have friends who also need headshots, invite them over and I'll only charge $125 each. NOTE: Parking fees will be added on to the total amount.  See below for small business pricing.

Would you take headshots for my company/organization?  Absolutely!  Please email me to figure out a fair price for the group.  It will probably be less than $50 per person, and if you're on a budget, we can definitely work out a deal.  The price per photo will decrease as the number of employees increase.  You retain the rights to the photos.

What should I expect during the session?  It will last around 45 minutes.  I will need at least an empty 8 x 10 area to give me enough room to work, and set up my white backdrop.  You'll also need a stool, or a chair with a back no higher than your armpits.  After the session, I will show you the photos I've taken to make sure you're happy with them, accept payment (cash or a non-Amex credit card), go home, send you the proofs via email, then wait for you to let me know which 2 you want.  The finals will be sent to you within 48 hours via email.  

What should I wear?  Dress the way you want the world to see you.  I recommend having a few shirts/outfits handy just in case something isn't working.  Please stay away from light grey because you'll blend too much with the background.  I also recommend staying away from sleeveless shirts and turtlenecks.

I've never had a headshot taken before, I'm nervous!  Don't be!  I want you to be as relaxed as possible and appear the same in your photos.  Feel free to bring a few friends along for support, have some beer/wine, or put on an awesome playlist.

Would you take an advanced headshot or environmental portrait for me?  Yes, but it depends on the look you want, and the prices may vary.  Please use the contact form for specific requests.  It would be helpful to send me an example of what you'd like to emulate.

District Photo and Video LLC